Play Go games app


Play Go games app is a Free Internet Correspondence Games Server application where you can Go (weiqi, baduk) or correspondence chess online at, all in the same app on your Android phone. You can also play instant rated chess games (blitz & rapid) without any registration. Of course it is possible to play Go games online on your computer as well.

Play Go games online on Baduk app at Google Play Store.

Play games online Go (weiqi, baduk) is probably even more popular since it is played through the internet & apps on mobile phones with an Android system. This application by FICGS (Free Internet Correspondence Games Server) tries to bring the best games to worldwide players. You can challenge for a 2 players match, or enter 7 players tournaments and various championships.

Unlike some well known servers, here Go is mainly played at a correspondence time control of 30 days + 1 day per move, thus you have quite much time to think about your moves while playing multiple games simultaneously. It is also possible to challenge players for fast games. Go programs and any kind of help is authorized, from gnuGo to Leela, or even AlphaGo... offers other games apps like chess or chess 960. These board games are very different from each other but still fascinate millions of players all over the world, while artificial intelligences now teach us new things about it. Finally, if playing Go for fun is not enough anymore, FICGS Go world championship will wait for you to challenge the strongest players.